Biological illustration

During my senior year of college I took a course that focused on learning anatomy of animals, plants, insects, and other living things. The output of the class was a portfolio of pen illustrations that are scale representations of the organisms we researched.

I drew each image in pencil while referencing a real lab specimen, then completed the line work and stippling in pen. I also completed all of the research for the written content and then hand-traced each letter in pen.

Photograph of a biological illustration featuring the cross section of a pine needle, sitting on a wooden bookshelf with green plants.Photograph of a biological illustration of a toad skeleton from a lab specimen, sitting on top of a dresser in a black frame.
Illustration of a pitcher plant's flower and singular pitcher with the title "How do Pitcher Plants 'eat' Insects?"Illustration of the underside of a fern leaf with a detailed diagram of fern sporangia, or the reproductive tissues ferns use to distribute spores, titled "Fern Sporangia."Illustration of a conch shell sitting vertically with individual elements labeled, titled "Conch Shells and Climate Change."Illustration of a bat megabat skeleton (a fruit bat) with labeled details, titled "Flight and Niche of Megabats."Illustration comparing human and chimpanzee skull characteristics with labeled features, titled "Comparing a Chimpanzee and Human Skull."