Pelorus is an open source community dedicated to a tool that automatically measures software delivery and other value-driven metrics. We were tasked with creating a logo, icon, and brand system to be used across documentation, interfaces, and promotional materials.

To empower the community members and contributors to use the brand in the future, we provided detailed brand guidelines and access to design files.

Pelorus logo.
Mockup of a canvas bag with Pelorus branding.Pelorus icon.
The core color palette was chosen with the understanding that these brand elements will most often be used in interfaces, where the background will be white or black. Additional colors were added to be used for hierarchy, warnings, and data.
Pelorus color palette including shades of blue, orange, yellow, and black.Color variations of the Pelorus logo in blue, white, and black.
A pelorus is a non-magnetic tool most commonly used in nautical navigation, used to keep the ship on course. The icon and letterforms for the logo were based on the shapes found on traditional pelorus tools.
Illustrated image showing how the Pelorus icon was inspired by the shape of the pelorus tool.Pelorus pattern in light and dark blue.
Detailed brand guidelines included links to download the design files, information on how to apply them, and in-use examples.
Diagram of minimal clear space for the Pelorus logo and icon.Four screenshots of pages in the Pelorus brand guidelines.Examples of Pelorus branding being applied to digital applications, like a tweet, an error alert, and a presentation slide.

Collaboration with Cole Ferguson