Digital illustration

In my free time I like to practice digital illustration in apps like Procreate on iPad Pro or Adobe Illustrator on Mac. I’m still working on finding my style, but some of my favorite themes are mid-century modern and anything with plants. Not all of the illustrations here are my best or my favorites, but I think reflecting on my work is the most important part.

Most of my illustrations are created using my favorite Procreate brushes from Bardot Brush or the Procreate All Stars brush kit.

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Illustration drawn in mid-century modern style featuring objects, like a TV, lamp, clock, pendant, and record player, in yellow and light blue.
Illustration of various houseplants in vibrant pots on a creme background.Illustration with a pink background featuring various types of packaging in support of the US Postal Service.
Illustration of vegetables like asparagus, carrots, tomatoes, and others on a yellow background.
Illustration of a child with a backpack walking down a path towards home on a rainy day.Illustration of the earth with clouds surrounding it plus the moon and stars in the background.
Illustration of a red car driving through the forest at night with the moon in the background.
Illustration of three jack-o-lanterns with happy faces on a purple background.Illustration of a snow globe with a snowman and four decorated pine trees.
Illustration in the style of cut paper featuring a green and red hummingbird drinking from a red flower.