During my time in Prague, I took a 6 week photography studio where I learned the basics of digital, film, cyanotypes, and photograms. We studied everything from developing our own film in the dark room to composition and lighting for photography of glass, taught by renowned Czech photographers Marian Beneš and Miroslav Vojtěchovský.

Since that time, I’ve explored still life, portrait, and long exposure photography, as well as digital editing with Adobe Lightroom.

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Photograph of various sliced fruit, including oranges, watermelon, lemons, and limes, taken in natural light from above.

Fruit still life, Studio

Photograph of a plastic jar of mints splashing into water.Photography of orange slices and a glass of orange juice on a white studio background.

Experimenting with product and food photography, Studio

Blue print of a photograph of a building with bubbles floating in front.

Cyanotype print, Developed outdoors

Photogram of orange slices and red berries, taken from above.Photogram of a drinking glass taken from above.

Photograms, Shot and developed in dark room

Photograph of a tram passing cars leaving a trail of light.

Digital long exposure, Shot on a Prague street