We are Red Hat Week puzzles

Each year, Red Hat celebrates the people, communities, and culture that make the company unique. Part of the celebration includes the design and worldwide distribution of puzzles that are completed by Red Hatters as a team activity. Photos of the results are posted on a company email list.

In 2018, shortly before the major rebrand of the company, I laid out and photographed the design for three We are Red Hat Week puzzles. In the style of I Spy books, the puzzles highlight merchandise and printed materials over the years in a celebration of Red Hat history.

The Shadowman logo, Red Hat product names and logos, and other visuals in the photographs are the property of Red Hat, Inc.

Puzzle that has been put together sitting on a lunch table with its box.

To capture the images, I used string to mark the boundaries of each puzzle and then placed hundreds of items from the brand archives. With some help, I photographed each from above.

Two people take a photo from above of various Red Hat object laid out on a desk with a DSLR camera.Various Red Hat related items set up on a desktop.

The final layouts formed three categories: Red Hat swag over the years, Red Hat events and programs, and Red Hat products and technologies.

Final puzzle design featuring a t-shirt, mug, various stickers and magnets, and other objects.

Red Hat swag and merch over the years

Final puzzle design featuring a product box, mouse and ethernet cords, floppy disc, and other objects.

Red Hat technologies over the years

Final puzzle design featuring an event lanyard, event booklets and pamphlets, stickers, and other objects.

Red Hat events over the years

Photography assistance from Emma Eble