Red Hat Open Brand Project

In May 2018, I joined a small design team that was in the process of rethinking the entire Red Hat logo and brand system. In collaboration with Pentagram’s Paula Scher and with input from the greater Red Hat community, our team of 12 worked on the final execution of the new logo. It officially launched on May 1st, 2019, days before Red Hat Summit kicked off in Boston, MA.

We continued to evolve the system beyond the logo throughout 2019. I worked as part of a core brand team to develop the extended logo system, updated collateral and document templates, employee badges, a catalog of hundreds of new icons, and more.

The Red Hat logo, the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform name and logo, the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs name and logo, and other visuals on this page are the property of Red Hat, Inc.

Diagram showing the old Red Hat logo compared to the logo that debuted in 2019.
Photo of the Red Hat logo mounted on a wall in the lobby of Red Hat Tower in Raleigh, NC.Photo of the new Red Hat logo being mounted on the 20th floor of Red Hat Tower in Raleigh, NC.
Since the launch of the new logo, I’ve worked on cross-disciplinary teams to expand the system including creating new icons, merchandise, animations, logos, and brand standards.
Nine icons that I've created since the introduction of the new icon system.
Diagram of proper clear space around for the Red Hat logo when used in a co-brand logo lockup.Photo of different pieces of swag that I created over the years.
I’ve also worked with dozens of product teams, programs, and communities to develop kits-of-parts that identify their work within the Red Hat brand system.
Illustration of a jetpack flying into the sky for Red Hat Accelerators program.Red Hat Accelerators program.2020 badges for members of the Red Hat Accelerators program.Illustrations of a train, a rocket ship, and a speedometer for Red Hat Accelerators program.

Red Hat Accelerators program visuals, 2020

Template for Red Hat Open Innovation Labs including their blue and yellow pattern.Red Hat Open Innovation Labs logo.Screenshot of the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs presentation template.Red Hat Open Innovation Labs pattern in blue and yellow.

Red Hat Open Innovation Labs kit-of-parts, 2020

Product and service icons for various functions of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.Illustrations related to security for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform logo.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform illustrations and product icons, 2021

Working directly with members of each community from late 2019 to early 2021, our small team updated the logos and kit-of-parts for the Red Hat Diversity and Inclusion program and communities.

Collaboration with and constant feedback from community members was critical to ensuring that we were accurately representing the people and culture of the communities.
Example header image for a Red Hat Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion email including a red pattern.Diagram of nine Red Hat Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion logos in various colors.

Red Hat Diversity and Inclusion program and community logos, 2019-2021

Open Brand Project work in close collaboration with Libby Levi, Emma Eble, Jenna Slawson, Jess Schaefer, Cole Ferguson, John Adams, Kris Bowen, and Jessica Burkit.

Red Hat Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work in collaboration with Emma Eble, Cole Ferguson, Allona Wilkerson, Jess Law, and Matt Rosteter, and members of each community.