Kay Yow Cancer Fund 15th anniversary

Founded in 2007 by beloved NC State basketball coach Kay Yow, the Kay Yow Cancer Fund raises money for the research and treatment of all cancers affecting women. To celebrate their upcoming 15th anniversary, they tasked me with creating an addition to their logo and an accompanying visual system.

The challenge was to work with their existing logo and brand system to create something that stands out but still feels like the Fund.

Shimmering pink to blue gradient with 15 on top.
Pattern of elements related to basketball and cancer research on a pink background.Graphic featuring two excited women inside of an oval shape with the words All women, all cancers.
There are 6 elements at the foundation of the 15th anniversary visuals: the 15 logo tag, the color palette, the fonts, the gradient, the jewels, and the pattern.
15 logo tag in different full and one-color versions.Diagram detailing the modification of the '15' in Proxima Nova font to match the Kay Yow Cancer Fund logo.Color palette including the existing pink, blue, and white of the Kay Yow brand plus new additions of light and medium pink and blue.
To add a human element, I recommended the addition of Inria Serif as a secondary brand typeface. The font is available on Google Fonts, allowing it to be easily accessible to the Fund's non-design employees.
Diagram showing weights of Proxima Nova and Inria Serif fonts.Shimmering gradient from pink to dark blue.
Anniversaries are celebrated with precious jewels. For the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, their jewels are the women they work for, their supporters, and their Cancer Warriors.
Cutout photos of women at various cancer events placed inside of vector shapes of precious jewels.
Built off of their existing icon set, the pattern celebrates what the Fund stands for while highlighting key elements of their success over the last 15 years.
Vector pattern of elements related to basketball and cancer research in pink on a lighter pink background.